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The Emak Group
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The Emak Group

Our vision: 
"Innovative solutions to offer the customer the best possible value"
We aim to be among the world's foremost players in the development, production and distribution of machines, components and accessories for lawn and garden maintenance, agriculture, forestry and industry, providing innovative products and services to maximise efficiency and convenience for our consumer and professional clients, ensuring they receive the best possible value.
The Emak Group concentrates its efforts on achieving satisfaction among its clients with an offering of advanced technological solutions and services characterized by impeccable standards of reliability and innovation and the creation of value to benefit all its stakeholders. In order to achieve its goals the Group bases its activity on specific critical success factors:

  • product quality and innovation
  • level of service
  • competitiveness
  • strengthening of the distribution network
  •  development of human resources and customer relations

The group is mindful of its role in social and economic affairs so it endeavours to pursue growth while creating value that will benefit not only the company but all parties with an interest in the Group and its business, combining:

  •  economic sustainability, meaning the commitment to invest in the growth of the company and the Group, guaranteeing continuity over time, by implementing a strategy based on fundamental critical success factors
  •  social sustainability, meaning the willingness to assume responsibility for the legitimate expectations of stakeholders and ensure that the value created is redistributed in accordance with common interest principles
  •  environmental sustainability, through the identification, regulation, control and gradual reduction of environmental impacts deriving directly or indirectly from the activity of the company.

The new Group is composed of 28 international affiliates in 14 countries.

Emak S.p.A. Group