“Plant a tree - and wait”

Ancient African Proverb


The concept of sustainability, wherever it may apply, is intrinsic to a process concerned with the simultaneous creation of progress and well-being in which the Emak Group is actively involved.

In effect, all our decisions are motivated by the will to satisfy present needs, but without jeopardizing the prospects of future generations. And this is because we have always believed that before taking a step forward, it is essential to know what path we intend to follow.

Conscious of the important role we play as part of the social and economic fabric, we seek to translate our vision into exemplary conduct and our business into genuine value.


Emak sustainability

Economic sustainability

Adopting a strategic plan based on fundamental factors critical to success, we invest confidently in the continual growth of the company and of the Group.

Social sustainability

We take on board the legitimate expectations of stakeholders and ensure that whatever value is created will be redistributed in the common interest.

Environmental sustainability

Our goal is to succeed in gradually reducing the impact of Group activities on the environment, by identifying, regulating and monitoring resources to best possible effect.